Monday, October 20, 2014

BTM REVIEW: The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader byC.S.Lewis

When this movie came out, I refused to see it because I knew they had changed things. I love these books and didn't want to watch a movie that didn't respect them.
Oh. My. Glaciers. I can't believe I was sooooooooooo...
Completely right. I should not have doubted myself.
Anyway, I watched it with my friend Erin the BookNut, and we kept up a running commentary. 


The movie gets this star and a half from three sources: Ben Barnes' face, Will Poulter's flawless delivery and funny eyebrows, and Reepicheep. 

Everything else is awful. The actors did the best with what they were given, but what they were given was not from the book or twisted so far as to be near-unrecognizable.

Poor Lucy has every interesting action taken from her and reduced to a girl whose only attributes are wishing she was as pretty as her sister and comforting a little girl.

The focus of the plot is shifted so that the islands are glossed over for the sake of the GREEN MIST which symbolizes the DARK POWERS from DARK ISLAND. 

Uh, I'm sorry... Could you possibly mean Nightmare Island? You know, the one where your nightmares can come to life? 

It's... Not a big thing throughout the whole book.

Which brings me to Eustace. POOR CHILD. He should only have been a dragon for about a day. Instead, they pretend there isn't a way to make him human again so that he can add drama to the DARK ISLAND nonsense. 

I could say so much more, but I haven't the energy right now. 

Tl;dr The movie essentially ruined everything I loved about the book. 1/10 Do not reccomend.


  1. I love how our reviews line up pretty well.

    Also, digging the background!


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