Thursday, October 2, 2014

BTM REVIEW: Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

You may have noticed that this is not an official movie poster or dvd cover. That would be because all of the pictures used for those are horrible, and in this one, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson look like actual people.

Moving on.

What? Four? FOUR STARS, you say? How can it be?

I'll tell you. Keep your pants on. (Or off, as the case may be)

As much as this movie frequently makes me want to tear my hair out and use it to sew my eyes shut, the fact remains that it is just an excellent adaptation of the source material.
*heavy sighs*

The plot very closely follows the plot of the book, with exceptions for movie translation, but none beyond the reasonable. The characters, too, are relatively true to their book selves. They may be whiny, standoffish, or scarily perky, but they are like that in the book. All Bella's awkwardness, clumsiness, inability to form a coherent sentence, and unnerving obsession over Edward are right there on the book pages.

A few standout performances:
          Billy Burke as Charlie Swan is flawless, and he adds a much-needed human element.
          Christian Serratos as Angela is fabulous, and I'm heartbroken that she barely appears.
          Ashley Greene as Alice is the absolute perfect Alice. End of story.
          Peter Facinelli as Carlisle is mostly on this list because he's so attractive. You understand.
          José Zúñiga as the teacher has few lines, but zings them.

If the movie is so well adapted, why doesn't it have five stars?

It's Twilight. Don't push me.

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