Saturday, October 25, 2014

Book Adaptation Tag

Happy Sunday! I am a little addicted to book tags, so I decided to make one!

The book adaptation tag is a bunch of questions about books that have been made into movies.

1. What is the last book adaptation movie you saw?
    The Maze Runner, book by James Dashner

2. What book movie are you most excited for?
    Insurgent, book by Veronica Roth

3. Which upcoming book movie will you definitely NOT see?
    50 Shades of Grey, book by E.L. James

4. Which book movie would you NEVER watch again?
    I will NEVER watch I Am Legend (book by Richard Matheson) again. They changed one very big thing, and in doing so, erased the entire theme of the story. Just... no.

5. Is there a movie you saw that made you want to read the book, if you hadn't yet?
    Stardust, book by Neil Gaiman. I didn't know it was based on a book until a few years after I'd seen the movie. The book is very different, but I still like both. 

6. Conversely, is there a movie that made you never want to read the book?
    "Rambo: First Blood" made me never want to read First Blood by David Morell.

7. Name an adaptation that has almost nothing to do with the book it's supposedly based on.
    Ella Enchanted, book by Gail Carson Levine. I adored the book as a kid, so I was thrilled when I heard it would be a movie. Unfortunately, almost nothing of the book survives besides character names and the curse.

8. Have you ever left the theater during a movie adaptation because it was so bad?
    No, I haven't, but I came extremely close during Desolation of Smaug. I actually closed my eyes a few times to pretend it wasn't happening.

9. Do you prefer to watch the movie first or read the book first?
    I prefer to read the book first. I will always read the book first unless I'm unaware that a movie is based on a book. 

10. How do you feel about movie adaptations that age characters up? (ex. characters that are in middle-school, but in the movies they're all 18)
      I hate it. It's the worst. I think it's acceptable in certain situations (e.g. the book's characters get into very adult situations that would be inappropriate to film with children-- I'm looking at you, Game of Thrones) but unless it's necessary, it sends a terrible message. It tells kids that they're unimportant, that a story about twelve-year-olds is only relevant to the public if we pretend it's about 18-year-olds. That's damaging behavior, and it needs to stop.

11. Do you get angry when the actors don't look like you thought the characters looked?
      I do, but only very occasionally. For instance, if a character is vaguely described, I can get used to the actor, but if a character is SPECIFICALLY described as having curly blond hair MULTIPLE TIMES THROUGHOUT THE BOOKS and is given straight brown hair for the film with no explanation (*cough cough* Annabeth *cough cough*) I can get quite irritated.

12. Is there a movie you liked better than its book?
      The entire Twilight series. Mostly because it goes faster, there are some redeeming factors, and it's fun to watch with friends. Dramatic readings of Twilight with your friends? Less fun.

13. Name a book that you would love to see as a movie.
      I would love to see Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake as a movie. Oh, it would be amazing. (You'll have to excuse me-- I read it recently, and I'm still in the "obsession" phase.)

I tag Erin BookNut and anyone else who wants to!


  1. Ahhh, we should be getting the Insurgent trailer really soon! I think they predicted by the time Mockingjay Part 1 is in cinemas. So excited :3

    1. Oooh, and I'll definitely go to that, so I'll see it!


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