Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bookworm/Bibliophile Stereotypes That Are 100% True

I'm sure everyone's pretty familiar with stereotypes about bookworms. Some of them are a little rude, and definitely not true. Others, though... are undeniably accurate. Here are a few of the true ones.

1. Always Has a Book With Them

I am almost never without a book.

2. Pretty Much a Hoarder

    I have an absurd amount of books. I have more books than I have shelves to put them on. I am, of course, a bookworm, but I am also a bibliophile, as my title suggests.

3. Loves Smelling Books

The smell of a book is possibly the best smell in the world. New books, old books, any books.
There is nothing weird about it.

4. Still Crying About Borders

    I may never be over it.

5. Prefers Staying In and Reading to a Night Out

    Definitely true. I can go wherever I want, plus I don't have to deal with a bunch of people. We can meet up for coffee tomorrow and I'll gush about my book.

What are some bookworm/bibliophile stereotypes you've heard?


  1. These things are all so true... My laugh when they find out I always have a book on me but YOU NEVER KNOW!! You might be locked out of the house with an hour to kill until your roommate gets home.. It happens. I really wish my friends cared as much about reading as I do though.. Sometimes I try to gush about a book and they're just like 'meh'. :( But yes, bookish stereotypes are true. I also sometimes tell anecdotes from books that I'm reading in normal conversation, which apparently is not a normal thing..
    Anyway, great post! Good use of gifs by the way :D
    Rachel @ Dashing Good Books

    1. My FRIENDS laugh... not 'My laugh'.. that makes no sense! Sorry, I'm tired.

    2. Oh, I do the anecdotes too! Sometimes things that happen in books are just so RELEVANT.


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