Sunday, October 26, 2014

Playlist: Conventional

I am a very musical person, so I always like to have a specific playlist for any writing I'm doing. 

This is the playlist for my nanowrimo novel this year: Conventional

(It's set in 2007, so there isn't any music from after that year.)

1. The Middle :: Jimmy Eats World

2. You're My Best Friend :: Queen

3. Everything Will Be Alright :: The Killers

4. You Make My Dreams :: Hall & Oates

5. People are Strange :: The Doors

6. Buddy Holly :: Weezer

7. The Young & The Hopeless :: Good Charlotte

8. I've Got all this Ringing in My Ears and None On My Fingers :: Fall Out Boy

9. Dance, Dance :: Fall Out Boy

10. All These Things That I've Done :: The Killers

11. Hold On :: Good Charlotte

12. Let Me Be Your Wings :: from Thumbelina

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