Thursday, October 16, 2014

Playlist: In the Garden

I've decided to start posting some of my personal playlists on here for you all, and I'm going to start with the one I've made for Nanowrimo this year.*

The novel I'm writing for it is called In the Garden, and it's about a girl's last year before aging out of an orphanage in 1952. She deals with life in the orphanage, growing up, and her boyfriend being sent to Korea.

1. Vanilla Twilight :: Owl City
    a song for girls who have all lost someone

2. Wildflower :: Skylark
    a song about having had a hard life

3. No One is Alone :: Into the Woods Soundtrack
    a song for the orphans

4. Too Young :: Nat King Cole
     a song about true love between young people

5. Happy Lessons :: The Vespers
    a song about learning to open your heart    

6. The Name of the Game :: ABBA
     a song for adoption woes

7. Gone, Gone, Gone :: Phillip Phillips
    a song about distance not killing love

8. Wish You Were Here :: Eddie Fisher
     a song about things not being the same without someone

9. Flowers in your Hair :: The Lumineers
    a love song

*note: I decided to go with a different novel for Nanowrimo, but I'm keeping this as a project.

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