Monday, November 10, 2014


Firstly, I am sorry for the devastating lack of posts lately. That will change. I have a whole lot coming up-- just you wait and see.

Right now, I am into the second week of Nanowrimo and the fourth week of my college classes (online, weird schedule), so I am ridiculously busy. I am, however, still working on several books, which will be reviewed soonish, and I also have some btm reviews planned.

If any of you are Ohioans, yes, I did attend the Buckeye Book Fair (with BookNut and M of M&Em Read) and I really am going to put up a post about it. It's part of the whole "ridiculously busy" thing.

I was also in Detroit Saturday night without my laptop, so there's that. Anyway, posts are happening, probably today and then continuing, so bear with me.

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