Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Sorry that I don't have anything really interesting today. I am entirely drained. I pulled a muscle in my back whilst shoveling, I had a presentation at work yesterday, I've had three panic attacks this week (not a huge number generally, but I had gotten it down to one a week max for a while, so it sucks to go back), I miss my friends, and I missed a deadline to turn in hours for work because my wifi was out, so my paycheck is going to be pathetic (though I guess my next paycheck will be quite nice).


In positive news, I have gotten through quite a bit more of Eleanor & Park! I passed the 50-page mark, and couldn't justify quitting, so I will have that finished hopefully tonight or tomorrow. I also get to see my nephews tonight, and I *might* be getting a new car soon! Right now I'm driving my dad's old truck, so a new car that is just mine would be lovely. I haven't been able to afford one, but it's going to happen sometime this winter or spring.

First, though, I have to push myself through work today. The girls deserve my best, so I am going to get some coffee, gather supplies, and listen to my "get pumped" playlist. Maybe I'll share that one next Tuesday, haha. It is very effective.

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