Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Writing Wednesday #7

There exists a place between “I love you”s. It is the place between friendship and more. In friendship, “I love you” is understood as the love shared between friends, and it is not uncomfortable to say. It comes freely, and sometimes sarcastically. It is rarely questioned. When it comes to more, “I love you” has metamorphosized into something altogether different. It means romance, it means ‘I want to be with you’. It is often difficult to say at first. It comes unbidden, murmured softly when one is not being careful of one’s words. It comes deliberately, planned extensively beforehand, the precise moment selected carefully days in advance. For some reason, it is questioned ad nauseum. There are a myriad of songs written about the question of whether or not someone’s love is mutual. I have never heard a song written about whether a friendship was mutual or not. Of course, I am sure someone has written one- I hardly fancy myself an expert on every song ever written. But the place between these two loves is a treacherous sea of disappointment and unrequited love. Not everyone there suffers one of these fates, but many do. The permanent residents are invariably one of the two. All people must pass through this sea on their way from one love to another. Many even use it as their starting point. Some stay for but a split second; others stay for years. It is an in-between place, a place of testing the waters to see if they are shark-infested before jumping in. No one is meant to stay. It is a place of awkward encounters, of wishing and waiting. It is a place of shooting stars, eyelashes, dandelions, and wishbones. It is a place of dreaming, alternately inhabited by joyful laughter and bitter tears. It is a limbo, and it is there that the bear and the songbird found themselves.

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