Tuesday, May 19, 2015

ROCTBF 2015 Pictures

Yesterday I meant to make a few more posts, but I got some calls, and then I went to visit my cousins, so you'll get a few extra posts today! Woo!

This one is for the pictures I have from TBF.

Me and Erin on the car ride to New York

Me, Erin, and Mia in Julie Kagawa and Katie McGarry's panel

the flattering face I made at the mass amounts of youths

Meeting Emmy Laybourne 

Meeting Sarah Dessen

Meeting James Howe

Cinda Williams Chima (who we've actually met before)


  1. Ooh exciting post!! :D I have never met a real-life author and am feeling some serious envy right now :P If only I lived in the US...

    Love the top you're wearing by the way :D x

    1. Thank you! And I had to drive four and a half hours to meet them, haha.


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