Monday, May 18, 2015

ROCTBF 2015 Recap

Happy Monday! Now that I've had a good night's sleep in my own house, I'm ready to give you all the rundown.

Actually, a LOT happened, so you're going to get TWO posts! Well, actually, you're going to get three-- it is Music Monday, after all. But I digress.

I went with two other bloggers-- Mia from M&Em Reads and Erin from The Book Nut. We drove to New York (a five-ish hour drive) on Friday so we could get settled in our hotel.

Then, Saturday morning, we got up crazy early and headed to Nazareth College. We got there before the insane crowds of people did, so we found seats for the opening remarks. They had a jazz band come in and play a few songs-- they did Valerie, which was awesome, because it's one of my favorites.

The authors started everything off with Truth or Talent, which was hilarious. After that, there were four breakout sessions. The three of us voted the day before, so we knew where we wanted to go. The sessions were mostly question-and-answer with the authors, which was great.

We started with Julie Kagawa and Katie McGarry. Then we went to Neal Shusterman, Heather Terrell, and Jonathan Maberry. Third, we did April Henry, Jennifer Lynn Barnes, and Charles Benoit (who thought it was crazy that we came in from Ohio). We left and had lunch between sessions, and then after that, we went to our last session, which was James Howe.

Then it was time for signings, so we got to the gym (where most of the authors were) early, and waited in line. I already posted about which authors I met, and I'll let you know which books I got signed in the next post.

Most of the authors were in the gym, but several were off in different areas, which was a little confusing. Our strategy was to hit the shorter lines first, so we didn't miss anyone who might leave for exactly that reason. It worked well in the gym, but less well for the authors who were stationed elsewhere. I only got to one author in another building. Next year, I hope the authors aren't so spread out, though I understand the reasoning.

Overall, it was insanely awesome, and I am 100% going back next year!

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