Saturday, August 1, 2015

PPLYA Fest!!!!!!!!

What? You're probably thinking. Another post? So soon? Is she back? The answer is... sort of.
I'm trying to be. Only time will tell.

Last weekend, I went to Pickerington, Ohio with The BookNut and M from M&Em Reads for the Pickerington Public Library YA Author Fest. It was pretty exciting, and all-around killer.

We got off to a somewhat rocky start, as we were late (curse you, Ohio construction traffic!) but it turned out okay.

We went to two author panels, Suckerpunch Reads and Twice-Told Tales. There were also two sessions for signings/face-to-face meetings with authors!

It was considerably smaller than the last book fest I went to in Rochester, but that was way alright by me. I prefer smaller groups of people, and I only had to step out once when it got super crowded in the field house. (I'm not sure you can call it a field house if it's in the school building, Pickerington, but I'll let it slide.)

I got SO MUCH cool swag and SEVEN books signed, and I will post pictures tomorrow if I don't forget. (Oh gosh, please don't let me forget-- I'll feel terrible. It's already been a week!)

Now I need to go be a writer, so I will have something to say on Wednesday.

Goodnight, all.

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