Sunday, August 16, 2015

Safety Sunday!

I'm not sure how long this will last (since I came up with it ten seconds ago) but I'm going to start a Sunday post where I use a different "S" word as my theme each week. Let's see how it goes!

Today's word is SAFETY, so I'm going to give you some rules for book safety.

1. Keep a firm grip on your books when carrying them around so as to avoid them falling on your feet.

2. Keep a firm grip on your books when reading them lying on your back so as to avoid them falling on your face.

3. Keep a firm grip on your books (sorry for the repeats, but this is a major issue) when shelving so as to avoid knocking an entire shelf of books down on yourself.

4. Treat papercuts immediately. They seem like no big deal, but if they get infected, you will hate yourself for it.

5. For heaven's sake, turn on a light when you are reading in the dark! Wow, we get it, you're soooo cool that you don't need a light. Spoiler alert: you DO. Don't ruin your eyes out of a misplaced sense of pride.

6. Unless you have superhuman peripheral vision like I do because I'm from the moon (long story), do NOT read while walking down the street. There exist such things as cars, poles, fire hydrants, and other people.

Tune in next week for SABOTAGE Sunday!

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