Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Writing Wednesday!

Hey, all! I'm here in the middle of the week! I have a few updates on life, and then I'll get to the writing portion of today's post.

1. I'm doing the 21 Day Fix (with Cize substituted for the workouts) for the first three weeks of September! Ideally, I'll end up with some loose clothes and some more energy for keeping up with children and blog posts, haha.

2. I GOT A NEW BOOKCASE. It's just particle board, but it's five shelves and it's white, so it matches my other furniture. The purchase was necessary because my old five-shelf case (may it rest in peace) was being used for storage in the basement, and sustained water damage. Luckily, there were no books on the affected shelves.

3. I have Labor Day off from work, so I'm hoping to stockpile some posts this weekend.

DONE. Okay.


Here you go. 

I just started a new project (I know, I'm terrible) and I'm SUPER excited about it! 

My new project is a fairy tale retelling, set in the Pacific Northwest of America during the 1849 Gold Rush. 

I can't tell you much for the moment, but it's going to be amazing, I hope. 

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