1. Do you take suggestions?
             Absolutely, I do. If you submit a book's title and author to me, I will try to add it to my TBR. Of course, this is dependent on my finding said book and having time for it. Some books get higher priority, e.g. ARCS will be read before they're released. 

2. When will you post (the next review, the next feature, &c)?
             I will post reviews as I finish books. I lead a busy life, so I can't guarantee deadlines for reviews. As for features, some of them are set (Top Ten Tuesday will happen on Tuesdays) and the rest will pop up when I have time for them, or as they become necessary.

3. What does your rating system mean?
              I use a system of five stars. 
4. Do you respond to comments?
              Yes. I will respond to every comment. Of course, if you ask a question, I will answer it. If you just say "Neat." or something like that, the response will probably be shorter.

5. Do you get paid for reviews?
              No. I do reviews on books I already own, borrow from the library, or am sent. Any ARCS are sent to me in exchange for an honest, fair review. If you want me to review a book or an ARC for you, you can't pay to have me move it up my queue. You can, however, send it to me, and that will definitely help.

6. Do you review everything you write?
              No, I don't. Sometimes I won't review a book I read, and that happens for various reasons. It might be that I am focusing on other reviews. I might have just found the book to be too lukewarm for a good review. It might be an older book that I don't feel needs a review on my blog. I also won't review a book if I don't finish it because I don't feel it's fair to the book.
             If it's an ARC sent to me for the purpose of being reviewed on my blog, I will always review.
             If there's a book you would STRONGLY like me to review, check out #1-- tell me so, and I'll see what I can do.

7. Do you write?
               Yes, I do! I do Nanowrimo every year, and I also have self-published one book, Daylilies.

8. Will you review MY book?
               Not today, I'm afraid. I am taking a break from accepting books to review because I overextended myself. It would not be fair to you to undertake your book right now. I'll make an announcement when I'm ready to accept books for review again.

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